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At Kenico Structural Engineering, we hope to build strong relationship with our clients through quality work. Also, by providing reasonable pricing, We hope to maximize profit for both Kenico and our clients.

At an economic downturn, the best solution to continuous work is strong relationship. We hope to achieve client’s needs. Whether time or quality is at concern, we will prioritize our client’s needs in order to achieve a solution together.


From design to construction, we provide professional and technical services customized to
your specific area of work.
Every sector of business is unique to its market. We value our client’s unique area of work
and try to provide the best solution possible.
With field measurements, site instructions, specifications, we ensure you to provide the best
connection detailing for your projects.


With integration of new technologies, our team can handle all areas of work “BIG” or “SMALL”, we simply do it all!
From design, detailing to final stamped drawings, we make sure each project is done on time with quality in

Our Services Include:

3D Modeling

Report Lists (Material List, Bolts List, Etc.)
Erection Drawings (PDF - CAD)

Shop Drawings (PDF - CAD)

Engineering - Connection Design
Parts Drawings (PDF - CAD)

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